In today's digital landscape, data protection is not just a legal requirement—it's integral to maintaining customer trust and safeguarding business. Ilisi Expert Legal Compliance offers comprehensive Data Protection services, including the provision of a Data Protection Officer [DPO] or equivalent roles to ensure your organisation is compliant. With legal entities in both the UK and The Netherlands, we offer data representative roles to cover the UK, EU, and EEA.

Comprehensive Data Protection Services for Modern Organisations

Data Protection Officer [DPO] Services

We provide DPO or equivalent roles tailored to the specific regulatory environment of your business.

Policy and Procedure Management

Benefit from customised data protection policies, procedures, and record-keeping methods that align with your organisation's needs.

EEA/EU Representation

Organisations with data subjects in the EEA/EU must have an EEA/EU representative. We provide this essential service.

UK Representation

Similarly, for data subjects in the UK, we offer UK representation to ensure full compliance.

Data Protection Services to Keep Your Business Compliant

Don't leave your organisation's data protection to chance; ensure you're in safe, expert hands. Contact Ilisi Expert Legal Compliance today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Ilisi Expert Legal Compliance for Data Protection?

When it comes to data protection, more than just a checkbox approach is required. A comprehensive, customised service that adapts to the nuances of your organisation's data handling practices is provided by Ilisi Expert Legal Compliance. The labyrinthine data protection laws across the UK, EU, and EEA are adeptly navigated by our experts, ensuring that you are always a step ahead in compliance. Whether a Data Protection Officer is needed or specific policies and procedures, the expertise to deliver is possessed by us. For a robust, legally sound data protection strategy that safeguards your business while spanning multiple jurisdictions, choose Ilisi.


Rare Patient Voice collects patient health data, which is extremely sensitive. As we expand our business into Europe, it is critical that we protect this data and ensure that we comply with GDPR. We have found that Ilisi's knowledge and experience in this area have been invaluable. Their advice has enabled us to institute the proper policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure our compliance in both the UK and the EU.

Wes Michael
President & Founder, Rare Patient Voice, LLC

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